Over 20 years of experience networking for the biggest names in the business.

Proven on some of the biggest Government and Enterprise multi-vendor network solutions.

Security Cleared, Vendor Certified, experienced network architects and engineers.

Why are you persisting with the big brand companies who are using you to pay for their expensive offices,  company cars and Directors bonuses? They are more interested in changing your requirements to meet their delivery capabilities, rather than giving you what you actually want.

Your requirements + our knowledge = YOUR SUCCESS


If you want your network to work first time around, come to those who know how.

10R provide consultancy services on LAN, WAN, Wireless, Data-Center, Cloud, Security, Content Delivery, Solution Implementation, Corporate, Education & name it, we have networked it.

10R can also supply, install, configure and maintain  network equipment and services from industry leading vendors that include Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Fortinet, F5 and Aruba. 

Call or email us with your requirements!


Our Certified engineers and installers take pride in their work and will take no shortcuts on the way to delivering a quality service to you.

Word-of-mouth recommendations is the best form of advertising and is how we have grown to where we are today.

Our customers know we have the experience and knowledge to take on the biggest challenges.


Network Consultancy

Not really too sure what it is you want? Are the requirements from the senior management not making sense? Have you reached a point where you are unsure which technologies are trending vs which are for you? Is your infrastructure being expertly looked after by your current supplier?

Ask the experts at 10R. We provide consultancy services that will help you understand and document your requirements in language that both management and IT staff will understand.

Being vendor agnostic we can then help you with identifying technologies and solutions that meet ALL of your requirements, not just the ones that meet the suppliers highest profit margins!

We can help you plan for the future, now. Your business will not accept a whole new redesign nor expenditure 12-months after the initial go-live just because a new feature becomes available. We architect solutions often to set patterns that are industry proven to be flexible in design and performance.

We are as happy designing from a blank sheet of paper as we are fettling an existing network which needs to be tidied up and creating something that works. For you.

Our technical staff can provide asset provisioning services and installation services for network upgrades or new installations. Whether it be Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, HP or any other manufacturer, 10R can provide the workforce and skillset to get your network transition off the ground.

Supply and Installation of network solutions

Whether you are moving office, expanding your existing LAN or deploying a new WLAN, we can help.

We do not pretend to supply all of the particular network vendors hardware. We know what the best solutions are out there and we only partner with the best vendors.

We can supply,  fit, power, cable and configure any combination of hardware, whether for a single cabinet or an entire data-center.Our structured cabling services team can plan, design, install, maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade any size network.

Support and Maintenance of network solutions

If you do not have your own network operations staff who can sit and monitor your network 24x7, we do.

We can provide a multi-tenancy management solution that silently monitors your network and alerts you when things are looking wrong.

We will use a combination of SNMP polling, SNMP Traps, Syslog and NetFlow information to capture and trend your network. We can integrate our system into your existing Helpdesk platform to raise helpdesk tickets for resolution. Or we can solve the problems before they start causing outages for your business.

Configuration management tracks moves, adds and changes to your network. 95% of network failures are caused by human error  - usually a misconfiguration! We can track and log every step permitting an audit trail of who did what, when.

We can also provide hands-on support services, for example if you need some broken hardware swapped out (which is a nuisance when there are 48 cables poking out of it!) or upgraded.

Cabling and Network Installations

Structured cabling provides the critical backbone of a communication system. 10R understands the complex issues involved in planning, installing and maintaining network communication systems. With our expertise and experience, 10R provides our customers with the commitment that the telecommunications infrastructure, no matter how complex, will be designed, constructed and installed to meet current and future requirements.

Structured Cabling Installation

  • Installation of copper and·fiber optic cable
  • Installation of·air-blown fiber systems (eABF)
  • Installation of wiring racks, cabinets and patch panels
  • Manufacturer certified installers
  • Manufacturers' extended warranties
  • Cable certification and compliance testing
Wi-Fi Network Surveys and Installations

10R offer a full service wireless network implementation. We can design, plan, and install your network from start to finish. Each wireless solution is custom designed to meet the challenges and needs of your location.

Deploying a wireless LAN (WLAN) is never as simple as throwing up a few Access Points and hoping they work. The end-user experience has to be spot on, from the initial connection through to the performance as they roam around your office.

10R have the experience of designing and deploying some of the most secure WLANs in the UK.

We have installed fully-managed WLANs for hotel chains, schools, home-users and so on. You can install and manage the WLAN if you wish, or you can rely upon 10Rs management capabilities to ensure the best service is always available. The cloud management platforms keep a 24x7 watchful eye not only on the status of the WLAN but also its performance characteristics. This helps ensure that new sources of radio interference does not upset the end-user experience.

Depending on your needs and budget we can design,  install and maintain wireless solutions from Fortinet, Aruba or Ubiquiti

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